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Energy Charging

White Sand and Stone

Energy charging is essential to keep your crystals working. Some people put crystals on an Amethyst geode while some people let them exposed to sunlight.

Using a charging plate

Do you know a charging plate may have more functions than you ever thought? We have been making Orgonites for years, and we found out the combination of crystals matters.


Combining different types and proportion of crystals may create energy cleansing or charging effect, or both at the same time. Also, the effects are not limit to crystals, they could have influence on your body and the surrounding atmosphere.


Materials and their healing properties

Charging plates that made with Shungite is powerful since the stone is capable of absorbing our negative energy. Long term exposure to electromagnetic field (EMFs) may lead to physical pain and mental illness, no matter adults and children. Shungite is used to reduce the harmful effects to human body and lower your levels of fear, self-doubt, and anxiety.


We often mix Shungite with iron oxide and monoatomic gold to create a layer of black shield. As for strong protection stones, Black tourmaline and Obsidian assist in removal of unwanted energy with the ability to ground a space.

CD 031 (5).jpg

Selenite are the pure white sticks in the above photo. Known as the "Liquid Light,” it helps you to remove damaging negative energy and raise your vibrations. It could be shaped in other forms, such as shards and a piece of board.


Have a special property of self-cleansing, it therefore doesn't need to be placed out in sunlight and other methods of cleansing. Meanwhile, it helps to cleanse crystals and gemstones nearby.

Copper is a metal that enhances the energy of crystals. As one of the most effective energy conductors, it can take the crystal healing properties to the next level.

Most crystals have their own properties. With different combination used in charging plates, you may benefit from specific healing effects and use it in different circumstances.


For example, when you are currently working on chakras alignment, you may select a plate that contain chakra stones (most popular 7 chakra stones - Amethyst, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Green Adventurine, Tiger's Eye). Gently place your raw crystals, necklaces, or/and any meditation tools on the plate for energy charging.


What objects could be charged
by charging plates? 

I always put a glass of water and apples on a charging plate overnight and eat it the next morning. It doesn't matter how much we put but important to think of something grateful and positive when consuming that purified water or fruits. Try to put them on top of the charging plate for at least half an hour, it is more effective for a longer period of time.


You may also charge your hot beverage as long as the plate is not directly touching the hot liquid. Similar to crystal chips and orgone devices, it is not suggested to leave any  plates exposed to sunlight for hours.

You can also purify and charge your crystals,

bracelet, essential oil, and even water!

Let's start with selecting a beautiful symbol.

Energy of crystals can be charged, so can you.

And it is possible to stay stylish and energised at the same time!

A tower buster can be used as a paperweight,

decoration for your sacred altar and meditation place.

Tibetan, guardian angel, spirit animals, sacred geometry...

you may find your favourite in this collection.

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