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Angel Orgone Tower Buster

Angel Orgone Tower Buster

As a holy stone of American Indians, Turquoise is a very unique gemstone. It is believed that it can ward off evil spirits and bring peace.


You will be amazed by how powerful a White Turquoise stone is when it comes to healing your Chakras. Place it on each energy wheel, it helps to regulate unbalanced energy that needs attention. While aligning all 7 Chakras it establishes a connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm.


Similar to the original blue and green color Turquoise, White Turquoise has the same metaphysical healing power but much rarer in the world. When you are experiencing communication blockages, it allows a better flow of dialect which is associated with healthy relationships with the others, not to mention better relationships with the people you love and care about. This Tower Buster has a shape of heart to symbolize healthy relationships.


Being used as an amulet of protection and purification, its presence protects against electromagnetic smog caused by the electronics around us in this new era, absorbing negative energy and feelings of self-martyr, self-sabotage and other forms of psychological self-harm. It is also a stone of fortune and calmness.

Measurement: 6.2*6.5*1.8cm, 98g.

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Our orgonites are taken to the forest creek and absorb abundant energy from the sun and moon. We test different crystal combinations and handpick all materials every time. In the making process, the energy is tuned into a state of balance by Maya, our quantum-tuning practitioner.

Custom orders are always welcomed. Let's come up with a powerful orgonite that fulfils your needs.

Handmade items could have imperfections such as indents and bubbles, and vary slightly in color under different lights and monitor settings. However, this does not change or decrease its effectiveness.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email or leave your message here