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Chakras Healing Orgonite Tower Buster

Chakras Healing Orgonite Tower Buster

This tower buster is designed for Chakras alignment, energy balancing, and deepen your meditation practice. Different Crystals and Quartz are added for different healing properties.

Rose Quartz ➜ love, forgiveness, compassion

Lapis Lazuli ➜ communications, optimism

Amazonite ➜ optimism, playfulness

Peridot ➜ joy, wealth luck

Amethyst ➜ intuition, wisdom, relaxation, restful sleep

Carnelian ➜ passion, confidence, creativity

Green Phantom Quartz ➜ inspiration, self-evolution

Clear Quartz ➜ clarity, concentration, wisdom


Measurement: 5.6*5.6*3.2cm, weight: 134.5g. Materials: Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Peridot, Carnelian, Amethyst, Green Phantom, Clear Quartz, copper.


Handmade items could have imperfections such as indents and bubbles, and vary slightly in color under different lights and monitor settings. However, this does not change or decrease its effectiveness.