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Quartz Point Eight-sided Pyramid with Aquamarine

Quartz Point Eight-sided Pyramid with Aquamarine

SKU: PY055

This orgone pyramid has eight sides. Like the Great Pyramid of Giza, each of the pyramid's four side are evenly split.


From tip to bottom, there is a thick quartz point wrapped in copper and stands vertically at the center. You will also see the 4 copper and brass rods, copper spiral, and citrine intersect with one another, Aquamarine chips as the base.

Let the power of Aquamarine helps to reduce your stress at work. When it works with Clear Quartz, your mind would be clearer and concentrated, so you could easily make decisions.


Generally, the pyramid can be used as a meditation tool, energy generator, paperweight, and gift for someone you love.

Size of pyramid: 6.2*6.2*4.2 cm (2.4"*1.7")
Weight: 123 grams

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Handmade items could have imperfections such as indents and bubbles, and vary slightly in color under different lights and monitor settings. However, this does not change or decrease its effectiveness.