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As for the shipping carriers, we are using standard shipping, EMS (express mailing service offered by the post office) and DHL express shipping. If your package number starts with "R" or "C", and ends with "TW", it is probably sent with the post office. If your package number is consisted of numbers only, your package is sent with DHL.

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Stone Mortar and Pestle

Qualified orgone devices transform negative energy into positive energy. This process removes electromagnetic pollution, providing users ultimate protection of EMF radiation.

Girl Running in a Field

The healing properties of gemstones are able to relieve our stress and anxiety in everyday life. Various Quartz are believed to boost our relationships.


By placing inside the house, the Orgonites purify our living areas as well as the atmosphere. Not only their energies accelerate plant growth​, but also strengthen human resistance to illness.


Purified atmosphere results in higher quality of sleep and lucid dreaming. Some energy healing practitioners even hold them during meditation for calmness and spirituality.