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Vibrating good energy into our soul

We are living in a complex world. Right now is the moment to return to where you are and seek the meaning of your existence.

Jumping over the fast-moving timelines, you suddenly realised - it is time to be awakened.

Are you ready for a quantum leap?

What makes OM special?


Every crystal has its healing properties and it reacts differently when working with other crystals. Among 200+ types of crystals in our storage, we carried out tests for good combinations. 


Orgonites may go through many steps and changes of environment before they were born. Therefore, it is essential to carry out energy cleansing to ensure they could generate positive energy effectively. We bring the finished pieces in forest creek, leaving them in sunlight and moonlight from time to time. During the Orgonite making process, our quantum tuning practioner also do some tuning work to keep the energies balanced.


Orgonites are made in a very small amount only. It is not what we want to see where Orgonites being mass-produced in a factory. Such incredible energy crystals and metals have created! It is ceaseless and wavering. If you are looking for Orgonites made based on your needs, we are always happy to assist you.

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