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Why did we start Om Orgonite?

It all began with the sacred chant of om (🕉), echoing through the cosmos with its boundless power. Inspired by its resonance, the creators of Om Orgonite, set out on a quest to harness this energy and channel it into something tangible – energy generators infused with the healing essence of crystals and metals.

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Who are we?

Ollie, with a background in environmental studies, finds solace in the embrace of nature, often immersing himself in the rugged beauty of rocky landscapes and capturing their essence through his lens. Stephanie, our designer, adds her unique flair to our endeavors. Her boundless creativity and insight into spirituality spark lively conversations and inspire innovative ideas. And then there's Maya, our reiki healer and quantum-tuning expert. She infuses each orgonite creation with cleansing and charging rituals, drawing upon the energy of thoughts, sunlight, moonlight, sacred plants, and ancient chants. 

Crafting with passion...


Every crystal has its healing properties and each crystal responds to other crystals in different ways. We tested over 200 different types of crystals in our storage to find the best combinations. 


Orgonites have quite the journey before they're ready to share their positive vibes with you. That's why we make sure to give them a proper energy cleanse. We bring them outside so they may enjoy the clean air and moonlight in a peaceful creek in the forest. During the crafting process, our quantum tuning practioner helps fine-tune their energy to keep everything perfectly balanced.


We believe in quality over quantity, so you won't find them mass-produced in a factory. Each piece is a blend of amazing crystals and metals, creating an endless stream of energy. If you're looking for something tailored just for you, we're here to make it happen with a smile!

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