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About us

Why did we start Om Orgonite?

Om (🕉) is the most powerful mantra in the world.


We love creating energy generators. By incorporating the precise ratio of crystals and metals, we ensure our artwork can achieve maximum healing properties.


It's our biggest wish that everyone benefits from Orgone energy, start off towards healthy living, and eventually become awakened.

Friends in Nature

Who are we?

We are spiritual seekers from Taiwan.

Ollie studied in the field of environment and land resources, in leisure time he likes examining rocks, camping, and photographing.


Stephanie has an unique sense of art and humor. Just let her know if you have any questions or thoughts about spirituality. Together you may come up with great ideas.

Maya expertise in reiki healing and quantum-tuning. After an orgonite is created, she cleanse and charges it by thoughts, sunlight, moonlight, sacred plants, and chanting. Therefore, the orgone device will cause energy to gather and flow upward and outward, just like Om the mantra.

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