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How to track my order on Etsy?

The website keeps track of the shipping status with shipping carriers. However, the record may not be up-to-date. In this page, you will find one more way to track your package.

Track your package on Etsy's website:

  1. Sign in to and go to Your account, or sign in to the Etsy app and go to You

  2. Go to Purchases and reviews.

  3. Find your order. On the Etsy app, tap your order.

You’ll see the shipping status to the right of your order. You’ll also see an estimated delivery date which should give you an idea of when you can expect the order to arrive, and a tracking number if it’s available for your order.


You can also see shipping information in the shipping notification emails for your order. Select Track Package in the email to view the status of your delivery.

Some cross-border shipments won’t show tracking once the order leaves the departing country. The status should update when the package arrives in the destination country.


Full article by Etsy support - ​

Track your package outside Etsy:

You can see shipping information in the shipping notification emails or in the message we sent you via Etsy chat room.


If your package number starts with an R or C, and ends with TW, it is shipped with Chunghwa Post. The post office offers standard shipping and EMS (express mailing service)


  1. Go to the post office's website.

  2. Select International Tracking Service on the menu.

  3. Paste your package number.

chunghwa post tracking sample.jpg

If your package number consists of numbers only, your package is shipped with DHL.

  1. Go to the DHL's track and trace page.

  2. Enter your package number.

  3. You will see details in the All Shipment Updates column.

If you are satisfied with your order, please consider to write a 5-star review on Etsy!

It really helps with our small business, thank you so much.

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