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1 minute get to know the Prophecy Stones

Updated: Mar 9

Seek guidance from higher realms regarding the future

Where to find the prophecy stones?

Discover the enchanting prophecy stones nestled in the White Desert of Farafra, Egypt. The prophecy stones are named due to their ability to seek guidance from higher realms regarding the future.

They are Hematite/Goethite after Marcasite and are pseudomorphs, which means one mineral has replaced another while retaining the shape of the original mineral, making them rare and very unique.

Desrt in day time

How to know they are REAL prophecy stones?

Each stone has an uneven surface, but most of them show black or very dark brown colors. You may find relatively sharp edges and vortex in the real stones, and there the scratches are relatively obvious.

A black egypt prophecy stone placed on a palm

What's special about prophecy stones?

The Prophecy Stones resonate strongly with the third eye and generate very high vibrations, and aids in seeing visions of possible future events.

Meditating with it may help with our transformational and astral/visionary work.

For those who are too aggressive, the stone may calm that aggressiveness so that you achieve a much better aggressive to passive ratio.

For those who are passive or timid, it may empower you to stand up for yourself.

As a grounding and centering stone, the stone represents the basic instincts of survival and safety, protecting you from negativity and remove it, as well as replace any negative energies with ones of a positive nature.

Also, it will bring up emotions that we may be repressing, so be prepared to observe them as they do and work with them in order to heal.

Two young people doing advanced yoga pose at the park

Bring the prophecy stone with you when...

  • ... you are making a tough decision

  • ... you are preparing for an exam or an interview

  • ... you are running out of energy but have a lot of work to do

  • ... you are activating your upper chakras

Which stones harmonize with prophecy stones?

For seeing visions:

  • Chrysocolla (the phoenix stone)

  • Moldavite

  • Azeztulite

For grounding:

  • Shaman stone

  • Nuummite

How to purify the energy of prophecy stones?

Place them under the sun or use aroma. Avoid to soak them in water.



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