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Tibetan Dorje Orgonite Pyramid

Tibetan Dorje Orgonite Pyramid

SKU: PY065

This orgone pyramid featured the Tibetan dorje(vajra). In Tibetan religion, the weapon is used to exorcise demons and evil spirits, destroy the passions of the mind and, ultimately, the ego. Being strong like a diamond, it also symbolizes the indestructible and all-penetrating mind of enlightenment.


It's clear to see the the shiny hair in the golden rutilated quartz and undulated bands in brown Tiger's Eye. Both quartz are associated with your first and second chakras, facilitating recovery from neck and spinal problems. They are also the stones of success and abundance.


Keep this pyramid in your living room, altar space, or office area.


Your package comes with 3M rubber pads, stick them at the pyramid's bottom for further protection.


Pyramid base: 3.15 inches (80mm)
Height: 3.35 inches (85mm)
Weight: 350 grams


Materials: Golden rutilated quartz, clear quartz, tigers eye, copper shavings, monatomic gold, copper coils, stainless steel, dorje

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