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Orgone Tower Buster - Pure Copper Spiral

Orgone Tower Buster - Pure Copper Spiral

SKU: TB154

This orgonite is specifically designed to enhance the magnetic field of the human body, boost self-confidence, manifest abundance, and offer psychic protection.

For advanced orgonite users, this multifunctional tower buster is a must-have addition to your collection.


Hypersthene acts as a magnet for fortune and luck, enhancing your chances of success. Azeztulite, with its chakra-activating properties, aligns with the Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Etheric Chakras, fostering balance and alignment. Terahertz stones elevate vibrations and synergize harmoniously with other crystals, while Black Obsidian and Tourmaline serve as protection stones, shielding against evil spirits and unwanted energies. Tridacna promotes tranquility and facilitates energy flow along your journey to wisdom. The copper spiral and copper balls intensifies the energy emitted by the crystals while effectively directing its flow. 


Diameter: 5.8 cm (2.3 inch)

Thickness: 2.5 cm (1 inch)

Weight: 130 grams+

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Handmade items could have imperfections such as indents and bubbles, and vary slightly in color under different lights and monitor settings. However, this does not change or decrease its effectiveness.