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5 Must-Have Crystals for Love

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Crystals to manifest love and harmony

  • Morganite {abundance, unconditional love, harmony}

  • Rose Quartz {self-love, compassion, courage}

  • Moonstone {new beginnings, femininity, tranquillity}

  • Malachite {protection, loyalty, positive transformation}

  • Sugilite {optimism, all chakra clearing, wisdom}


Abundance • Unconditional Love • Harmony

Morganite opens and heals the Heart Chakra, which increases the ability to accept loving words and actions from others, encouraging one to move forward with renewed purpose and an open heart.

Similar to the healing properties of Rose Quartz, Morganite assists one in practising compassion and respectful understanding of others.

Morganite is also a crystal of spiritual growth, with this stone you can move forward in peace and confidence.

Rose Quartz

Self Love • Compassion • Courage

With its soothing vibes, Rose Quartz is believed to heal a broken heart. It gives you the courage and strength to leave the past behind.

On the other hand, it encourages self-love, so that you are capable of loving others after you have taken good care of yourself.

Place this pink crystal near your heart and meditate for 30 minutes, you will feel the loving energy generating in your heart chakra.


New beginnings • Femininity • Tranquillity

When you use a Moonstone, you are never stray too far from the energy of love.

The feminine energy of the moon promotes better skin, eyesight, and healthy hair, which makes you a more attractive person.

Meanwhile, Moonstone assists couples to understand the deeper thoughts of one another, whatever happens, you can sort things out together in a tranquil state.


Protection • Loyalty • Positive transformation

Malachite acts as a protection stone that absorbs negative energies around you.

Having a Malachite with you brings you a better sense of responsibility for every thought and action. When it comes to friendship and relationships, it is easier for both of you to develop passion, compassion, and loyalty.

Change is always easier said than done. Malachite's green ray of light gives you the clarity of seeing who you are in a relationship, encouraging you to voice out your feelings and resist any form of emotional blackmail. You can become a better lover and enjoy a healthy relationship at the same time.


Optimism • All Chakra Clearing • Wisdom

Being one of the most love stones, Sugilite manifests the loving energy and soothes your emotions. Therefore, it becomes easier to let go of jealousy, anger, negative experiences in the past, and insecurity in a relationship.

Put it next to your computer to keep your energy levels up all throughout the day, and to ward off emails or messages that bring bad news!

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