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How to Meditate with a Terahertz Stone?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

In the previous article, we mentioned that Terahertz is an excellent stone for overall health, and to activate our higher chakras, such as the eighth and ninth chakra.

Right now you got this spiritual stone with you, so what is the next step? What can you do to utilize its full power by breathing exercises?

Breathing Exercise

Find a private place, put away your phone so that nothing would disrupt you during the process. Lay down in a comfortable position, close your eyes.

Place a Terahertz stone on a part of your body that needs treatment. Just let your subconscious mind do its perfect work.

Concentrate on the pain, shadows, and blockages.

They do exist but what really affects you is just a feeling.

Remind yourself to accept and be grateful for the fact that they exist.

Use your Imagination

Every time you exhale, imagine the negative energies are gradually dissolved through the vibrations of Terahertz.

You understand you have to let go and exhale slowly, just imagine those bad feelings and pain are leaving your body with your breath.

Connecting to higher spirits and your heart

Before you sleep, place the stone on top of your head or on your forehead (beware of its sharp edges, you can put it into a small cotton bag).

Start your meditation by taking several deep breaths.

Then you may pray to God, or try to communicate with your guardian angel... Ask yourself some questions - Am I hiding my deepest feeling? How do I describe them? What I really want in my life?

Talk yourself through the toughest parts.

Imagine all the negative feelings are slowly moving away from you every time you breathe out.

Once the negative things have gone, express gratitude for their temporary existence that brought a lot of insights into your life.

You are blessed

After that, imagine there is a ray of white light shining from the sky to your head.

The universe is sending you unconditional love, allow love and the power you needed the most to enter your body along with the white light.

Enjoy the process, you begin to feel stabilized, abundance, and tranquillity.

After doing this for a few weeks, you may actually feel the changes within you and the people around you.

Terahertz jewelry

If you do not meditate regularly, consider wearing a Terahertz stone necklace every day.

There are two pendant sizes. 4cm diameter is recommended for men.



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