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Orgonite Crafting Tips for Beginners - Crystal, Resin, Metal

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

"As you seek those thoughts that feel good, you will always be in vibrational harmony with the ENERGY that is your source. And under those conditions, only good can come to you, and only good can come from you."

I am so glad that you have the idea of making an Orgonite yourself, you are going on a wonderful and sacred journey. Congratulations!

Not sure what to create? To get you started, we’ve put together two questions that you could think before you prepare the materials.

1. What is the shape of the Orgonite?

Here are some common types of Orgonites:

Pyramid - multi-purposed, it has an excellent shape to draw energy in and out.

Necklace - unique jewelry for yourself and your loved ones.

Tower buster - more stones and metals are required so that it can be used as a paperweight or meditate tool

Plate - able to charge the energy of different things, such as water and essential oil, you are going to need some space wherever you place it

Small puck - suitable for diy beginners, light and portable

2. Does your Orgonite have a special purpose?

Take for example when someone keep him away from evil spirit with an Orgonite in his bedroom, he could add plenty of stones in a pyramid, such as Black Obsidian and Smoky Quartz. then use pure copper coils to increase the protective effect. Be sure to have a list of materials before getting started.

If you are doing it for fun, then you may pick the materials by intuition or based on their colour-tones. There are wonderful combinations that crystals works better with one another, like:

Tiger's Eye and Jasper

Fluorite and Turquoise

Sunstone and Moonstone

Selenite and Black Tourmaline

Amethyst and Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz

Amazonite and Agate and Rhodonite

Peridot and Citrine and Garnet and Green Aventurine

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Q: Hi, I am a beginner,

what can I make with these materials?

A: For those who are new to orgonite, it would be easier to start with the small ones, such as pendants and pocket discs!

Keep in mind the 1:1 ratio of crystals and metals.⁣

There three primary materials - crystal, metal, resin. With these things, you can make a basic Orgonite. You may add whatever you need based on your design. Feel free to consider a small portion of filling materials, including decorative metals, gold foils, natural shells, dried flowers, and others.

Tips to use the resin

Resin can be purchased at your local shops. Of course, you can always find a lower price on Amazon and eBay.

Get yourself a pair of gloves. Protect your table with a large paper or plastic sheet.

Most resins have a part a and a part b, mix the resin and hardener together regarding the ratio stated on the package, remember to measure the amount accurately.

Stir the mixture clockwise, constantly and slowly, until all incorporated. Clean wooden sticks and silicone bowls are helpful friends.

Let it cool down for 2 minutes.

The bubbles will disappear naturally in some minutes. To help get rid of air bubbles, tap the bottom of your bowl several times, you know what it means if you once baked a cake.

Burst the bubbles with a flame gun if necessary.

Wipe out the excess resin on the molds, table, or arms with a paper towel.

Q: What crystals should I add into an Orgonite?

Every crystal has its healing properties and particular characteristics. Feel free to do some research on the crystals you are going to use, learn about their magical power, find out the ways to purify and meditate with them.

In the process, you may also get some ideas of fabulous combinations!

When Clear Quartz touches any other gemstone, their energy levels can be amplified at the same time, that is why you always see other Quartz such as Jasper and Tiger’s Eye place near Clear Quartz in energy devices.

Obsidian is one of the protective stones I would recommend using in Orgonites. It is not expensive and works well with Onyx and Black Tourmaline.

Connecting to the Solar Plexus Chakra, Citrine is beneficial to digestive difficulties and liver problems. It is a very popular crystal among businessmen as it is believed to manifest abundance and increase opportunities.

Q: Why am I always seeing copper in Orgonites?

Copper is one of the most effective energy conductors.

Crystals absorb and store the energy from the universe, while copper can carry crystal energies. Not only it amplifies the energy produced by the crystals but also directs the flow of the energy.

The yellowish copper is brass. Brass consists of 50% Copper and 50% Zinc.

The silvery metal is stainless steel. We cut the steel wires into shreds to easily use in Orgone pendants and pucks.

Although copper, brass, and steel present in different sizes and shapes, their effectiveness remains the same.